As we become an extension of your business and immerse ourselves in your culture. We become best placed to help you hire; as we have an understanding of both the dynamics and needs of your business, together with your plans for growth.

Additionally, we bring collective wisdom as a team that has hired directly into startups from Junior to C-suite across Business and Technology. Our approach to finding talent allows us to ensure you get the right people for your business that gels with the rest of your team.

We specialize in helping you hire interim talent but can also help with hiring permanent staff across business and technology.

Startups will hire Interim talent at different phases of growth. At the early phase, a founder may want to hire an interim full-stack CTO to build a minimum viable product or to give investor confidence when approaching fundraising. In another scenario, a founder may want to hire a part-time FD as a short-term solution that enables them to focus on the business while they have someone manage the finance function. Alternatively, they might want to hire a full-time FD that can step into a role immediately, while they look for a permanent member of staff to join them.

During phases of growth, where firms want to grow from 10 to 100 people or 100 to 300 people. It is often more cost-effective to hire interim department leaders that specialize in building teams around their particular function.

Hiring is not always the right option. So, we present and discuss alternatives that may be more cost-effective or are a better fit to achieve a certain goal.

Our clients like our refreshingly different approach to hiring as we are not focused on fees like recruitment agencies and interim executive search firms. In fact, let’s rephrase that. There are no upfront fees for what we do for our clients. It’s all part of our service offering.

Get in touch to find out more about our holistic offer and approach to supporting your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, the answer is no. We only offer our talent services (with no upfront fees) to our client base. This is one of many perks of being an AccountsPro client. To find out more about becoming a client, please complete the form below.



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