We started AccountsPro very simply to make an honest living, In time we hope AccountsPro is able to provide an honest living for as many people as possible – providing employment is the greatest charity of all.

We want to offer our skills to businesses that do not have them in-house and that is why we focus on Start-ups and SMEs who often have to bootstrap their way to success. What if your accountants and bookkeepers, could do so much more for you?

AccountsPro – Why We started?

Our philosophy is based on a number of founding principles:

1). Every person has value. Every person in a team plays a critical role, and everyone wants to succeed in life. We look to Richer Sounds and John Lewis as moral examples of how great companies succeed, and how everyone involved can share in that success. Everyone will be a partner in AccountsPro and we vow to share our success as widely as possible

2).  ‘It’s just business’ right? We spend the majority of our time in the office and with colleagues. Have you ever experienced a mean or abusive boss, manager or colleague who then is your best friend over a pint? As if “it is just business, no harm intended”. At Accounts-pro, we value being a ‘mensch’ above all else. This means, whether with clients, between senior and junior staff, or between colleagues, being a good person means treating others respect at all times.

3). Learning for life. If you are not learning then you are sinking. Life long learning is the cornerstone to success, personal and professional. We are dedicated to ‘fixed times for learning’, aspiring to the 60:40 ratio. In this way we will ensure that we can service clients in the best way but also so we can continue to succeed and grow in all areas of life in work and outside of work.

4). Mental Health first. Work and life can be a bit much sometimes. We will do everything we can to support the mental health of staff. We offer free Headspace subscription to all staff members and set aside 20 mins during the work day to take time out to utilise the groundbreaking app. But mental health is more than just a weekly yoga class, or even an app. It is an attitude, an approach to people and their problems, that recognises complexity.

Between us we have a cumulative 40 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience behind us. We have worn the hats of Co-founder, CEO, CFO, FD, FC, Accountant, Mentor, Adviser in the following industries:

Accountancy and Tax; Automotive; Charity Sector; Entertainment; Leisure; Gaming; Healthcare; E-Commerce; Retail Technology; Cyber Security and Music Tech and IoT.

We bring all of this to the table when you deal with us and hope that sharing our wisdom will bring you the success you are looking for.



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